Fruit and Vegetable Repack, Re-manufacturing, Blending, and Distribution Services

Coloma Frozen Foods is the exclusive packer of our retail label, Nature Blessed, and distributes this product throughout the Midwest. Coloma Frozen Foods also repacks for other packers, in our SQF level 2 repack center (now called SQF for Food Safety). We are home to a semi automatic stand up pouch packing line and 2 vertical form and fill repack machines. Coloma Frozen Foods is able to remanufacture various products into puree and/or concentrate on a custom basis. In June 2020, we will bring on line an additional component for our repacking needs, a state-of-the-art blending equipment. It will have 5 drop metered stations. Our repack area, freezer, and remanufacturing area are all Organic Certified. We are also Kosher certified through the CRC from Chicago.

. Nature Blessed (Coloma Frozen Foods) currently has 2 vertical form and fill repack machines capable of poly bagging various items in packages weighing from 6 ounces to 5 pounds. We can accommodate both regular and laminate poly, with or without gussets. On the Stand UP Pouch (SUP) line , we use an automatic filling machine that can fill in the range of 3 ounces to 2 pound packages. The minimum and maximum weight is limited by the size of the ending pouch. Nature Blessed has a backup manual packing machine also used for smaller projects. If the need arises we are able to pack from totes into 30# and 40# cases. One advantage Coloma Frozen Foods has is we have a 20 million pound freezer on site, hence we eliminate the need to transfer product from a holding storage to repack and back again. This saves our customers many of the transportation and the in/out fees. We are able to pack many types of items, fruit, vegetables, cookies, pasta, and more up to plant based protein.

. At this time Coloma Frozen Foods is able to help other processors convert current product inventory from frozen whole fruit/vegetables to puree and/or concentrates. This at times will help with current inventory when there are unforeseen market changes.

. By June 2020, Coloma Frozen Foods (Nature Blessed) is planning to have an operational 5 drop blending machine. We expect to be able to blend up to 5 different commodities at exact percentages. After blending, the product will be packed into a bulk containers, 30# up to a 1300# tote. The finished product can then be moved back to the freezer and shipped as a finished product or moved to the repack location for packing into poly packaging. This equipment has many potential uses, not only can we mix various fruits/vegetables together, but blend fruits/vegetables with other ingredients or foodstuffs. Due to restrictions we will not be able to pack meat protein, only plant based protein. Our Organic Certification and Kosher cert will cover this area as well.

. Distribution of finished product is expensive. Immediately after packing, the product will be moved to our 20 million pound freezer with approximately 10,000 pallet places and wait for shipment. Saving our customer transfers of product between freezers saves time and a lot of expenses. The location of Coloma Frozen Foods (Nature Blessed) lends itself to a natural distribution center. We are about 60 miles east of Chicago, 30 miles north of I-80, 45 miles east of I-65, and at the junction of I-94 and I-196. We are located on one campus, so it is very efficient for us to store, repack, and distribute out of our location. We can offer our customers great savings just from the reduced expenses incurred from transfers between storages.

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