Nature Blessed (Coloma Frozen Foods) has a goal of procuring the finest products for our customers. We attempt to source all domestic product whenever possible. However, some products are either not grown in the United States or are short in supply due to weather or market conditions. While not always the cheapest, the quality will be the finest available providing you the best value. Our imported products are vigorously tested to assure that all of the products are well within all Federal and State regulations for quality.

It is well accepted that frozen fruits and vegetables are more nutritious than fresh. This is because the nutrients of fresh products start declining as soon as the produce is harvested. Our products are frozen within hours of harvesting to preserve the nutritional value of the product. We partner with the best packers in the industry to ensure the products have the best wholesomeness and have the best ‘fresh frozen’ flavor.

Nature Blessed currently services the industrial, food service, and retail markets with our products.  

Our retail line of products are marketed under the Nature Blessed label. All of our packages have zip lock closures. We pack in 40 ounce (2.5#) and 32 ounce (2#) bags as well as our new 12 ounce stand up pouch. Our unique package has a window so that you know and can have confidence in what you are purchasing.

Nature Blessed offers 5 blends of our fruit products.
Michigan Fruit Mix—Apples, Peaches, Dark Sweet Cherries, Strawberries, Pineapple
Tropical Fruit Mix—Peaches, Mango, Strawberries, Pineapple
Berry Patch Mix—Red Raspberries, Blackberries, Strawberries, Blueberries
California Fruit Mix—Peaches, Cantaloupe, Honey Dew, Red Seedless Grapes
Mixed Melon—Cantaloupe, Honey Dew

Our food service/industrial products are packed in 30#, 40#, 2/5#, 4/5#, 6/5# cartons or 28# pails.

Red Tart Cherry Concentrate

We produce Nature Blessed Red Tart Cherry Concentrate for retail sold under the Nature Blessed brand. As of 1 year ago according to the Food Institute report, Nature Blessed was #1 in the United states for ‘Supermarket Sales of Refrigerated Juice/Drink Concentrate/Syrup category”.

Product Sections

Products Packs Available
Sugar IQF, Bulk IQF, Prepacks Straight Packs
30# 5/1 30# 4/1 30# 7/1 30# 40 4/40 oz (4/2.5#) 10/12 oz 6/20 oz 2/5# 4/5# 28# 28# Puree 6/40 Microwave
Apples x x x x x x x
Apricots x x
Apples, Spiced, Sliced, and Diced x
Blackberries x x x x x
Black Raspberries x x x x x
Blueberries x x x x x x
Cranberries (Whole) x x
Cranberries (Sliced) x
Dark Sweet Cherries x x x x x
Gooseberries x x
Mango x x x x
Mixed Fruits
- Michigan x
- California x
- Tropical x x
- Berry Patch x x x
- Melon Mix x
Peaches x x x x
Plum x
Pineapple x x x
Red Tart Pie Cherries x x x x x x x x
Red Raspberries x x x x x x
Rhubarb x x x x
Strawberries, Whole x x x x x
Strawberries, Sliced x x x x
Products Packs, all IQF
12/40 oz (12/2.5#) 6/40 oz (6/2.5#) 4/40 oz (4/2.5#) 4/5# 12/32 oz (12/2#) 6/32 oz (6/2#) 6/5# Bulk
Asparagus, Cuts x x x
Butternut Squash x
Brussel Sprouts x x
Lima Beans, Baby x x
Green Beans x x
Carrots, Sliced x x
Corn, Yellow, Cut x x x
Corn, White, Cut x x
Cauliflower x x
Broccoli, Cuts x x
Broccoli, Florets x
Onions, Diced x x x
Peppers, Red x x
Peppers, Green x x
Mixed Vegetables - 5 Way x x
Peas, Green x x x
Vegetable Blends
- California x x
- Stir x x
- Fajita x x
Stew Vegetables x
Mushrooms, Sliced x
Sweet Potatoes x
Products Single Strength Concentrate
52 gal BBL Tankers 52 gal BBL Gallons Quarts
- filtered x x x x x
- unfiltered x x x
Products Concentrates
52 gal BBL 5 Gallon 3 Gallons 12/1 quart 1.5 Gallon 6/1 quart
Apricot x x x x
Apple x x x x
Blackberry x x x x
Blueberry x x x x
Concord Grape x x x x
Red Tart Cherry x x x x
Sweet Cherry x x x x
Elderberry x x x x
Red Grapefruit x x x x
White Grapefruit x x x x
Mango x x x x
Peach x x x x
Pineapple x x x x
Red Plum x x x x
Red Raspberry x x x x
Strawberry x x x x
Watermelon x x x x

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