Industrial Fruit and Vegetable Food Packing

We produce industrial food products at our Coloma location from locally grown produce. This line of food products is used primarily by the baking industry, however some items are used in other food applications.

We slice and dice most of the products we process. Re-slicing products for special uses is also available. The products are IQF (individually quick frozen), packed with sugar, pureed, or made into juice. Some of the juice is further processed into concentrates.

'Co-packing' projects to fit your needs is one of our specialties.

Industrial Products:

  • Apples - IQF, Sugar, and Puree
  • Tart (Pie) Cherries - IQF, Sugar and Puree
  • Blueberries - IQF (sized blueberries are available), and Puree
  • Rhubarb - IQF
  • Asparagus - IQF Cuts and tips, IQF Spears, and puree
  • Plums - Puree
  • Celery - IQF
  • Apple Juice - Cider and Apple Juice (available in totes and tankers)
  • Concentrates - Cherry, Apple, and Blueberry (available in quarts, drums, totes, and tankers)

Most of the IQF products are available 30#, 40# (bags), or totes. The sugar items are available in 30# containers. The Puree items are normally available in 28# containers or drums.

See our complete list of products.