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Tart Cherry, Apple and Blueberry Juice Concentrate

At our Coloma location we process juice and juice concentrates. Apple, Cherry, and Blueberry juice or juice concentrate are produced currently.

Apple juice and Apple cider are packed into tankers or totes. Apple concentrate is concentrated to 68 brix and is sold in drums, totes, or tankers. It is normally reconstituted into apple juice and supplied to the food industry.

Blueberry juice concentrate is concentrated to 68 brix and is normally sold in drums.

Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate is concentrated to 68 brix. It is packed in totes, drums, 5-gallon pails and retail packages. This item is sold to many retail/chain grocery customers as well as direct to consumers under the Nature Blessed label. Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate is available in 32 fl oz quarts and 16 fl oz pints.

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Juices and Concentrates
Products Single Strength Concentrate
52 gal BBL Tankers 52 gal BBL Gallons Quarts
Cherry     X X X
filtered X   X    
unfiltered X   X    
Blueberry     X